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jkg renewables

We provide superior and innovative briquette products whilst respecting the environment.

Ecomass Briquettes

  • Woodburn’s, chimneys, fire pits, open fire, grills, barbeques, pizza and bakers ovens.
  • 100% wood from UK timber industry
  • Extra Hot! Heat value approx. 5.2 KWh/Kg
  • CO2 neutral – environmentally friendly
  • Less than 5% moisture – easier to light
  • Low ash residue – less mess to clear out
  • Cleaner flue gasses

Multipurpose Briquettes

Ecomass Briquettes safer – no sparks/spitting, they have consistent quality. They can be cheaper to burn per KWh/kg heat output compared to standard firewood, and with less storage space required they make a better alternative.